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WWE RAW: Strowman stuns Reigns

20 June 2017 National Sport

Last Updated: 20/06/17 7:28am

As Roman Reigns battles Samoa Joe, his past comes back to haunt him.

Braun Strowman is back and Roman Reigns is in his sights.

The 6′ 8″ superstar turned up in an ambulance during Reigns’ match with Samoa Joe, the distraction allowing Joe to lock in his devastating Coquina Clutch to make his rival blackout.

That’s when Strowman attacked, picking up an unconscious Reigns and slamming him into the mat with a reverse chokeslam before challenging him to an ‘ambulance match’ at Great Balls of Fire.

Strowman’s assault on Reigns back in April makes WWE’s Top 10 ambulance attacks

The night finished with another shock when it was revealed Big Cass was behind the sneak attacks on tag team partner Enzo Amore.

“Me and you are through”, declared Cass before hitting his partner with a big boot in the middle of the ring.

With one of the most popular tag teams in WWE apparently over it’ll be interesting to see what personal animosity develops between the pair.

Seth Rollins managed to get the better of rival Bray Wyatt as the pair’s rivalry intensifies.

Rollins, who was earlier announced as the cover star of the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game, attacked Wyatt with a cross body from the top rope as he was approaching the ring to fire the first shot in a battle that rumbles on.

It appears the attack also took something out of Rollins too though.

After Finn Bálor’s stern warning to Elias Samson earlier in the night, the sinister songsmith retaliates

It wasn’t such a good night, however, for Finn Balor.

The Irishman was attacked from behind during a backstage interview by Elias Samson as retribution for Balor interrupting him while playing the guitar earlier in the night.

The first ever Universal Champion won’t take that lying down and will be out for revenge soon enough.

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