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Wimbledon men's final LIVE!

15 July 2017 National Sport


Marin Cilic might be the underdog today, but he is a Grand Slam champion and says his past experiences will help him.

“This is Roger’s home court, the place where he feels the best and knows that he can play the best game. Obviously, I’m going to look back, 12 months ago I was one point away from winning a match against him here. But it’s still a big mountain to climb.

“It’s a great thing that I have already played one Grand Slam final, and I believe it’s going to be easier to prepare. It would mean absolutely the world to me [to lift the trophy]. I feel that when I won the US Open in 2014, it just opened so many possibilities in my mind for the rest of my career.

“To be able to do it again would definitely mean, I would say, even more because I know how much it meant for me to win that first one. It would be absolutely a dream come true to win Wimbledon.”

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