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WATCH: The boxing dentist

15 July 2017 National Sport

Last Updated: 15/07/17 4:11pm

Dentist and professional boxer Arthif ‘Doctor hitman’ Daniel has promised opponents he will repair any teeth he damages in a fight free of charge

Arthif Daniel uses his hands on a daily basis repairing people’s teeth but at night the man they call the ‘Doctor Hitman’ uses his hands to knock people out.

A typical week for the Manchester-born 33-year-old sees him undergo dental training in the morning before clinical practice sessions in the afternoons alongside studying for a master’s degree in dental implantology.

But after a day’s work, Daniel trades his latex gloves for a pair of boxing gloves.

The middleweight trains under the watchful eye of friend and former world champion Amir Khan, who says Daniel has the potential to make a name for himself as a boxer.

“He can definitely go to British level, maybe touching European level as well because at the end of the day he works hard,” Khan told

“I always respect guys who work hard and he’s one guy I can definitely say puts his time and effort into it.”

‘The Doctor Hitman’, who has trained at Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas, has also vowed to give free dental treatment to any of his opponents should he damage their teeth during a fight!

Hit play on the video above to watch the fascinating story of Arthif ‘The Doctor Hitman’ Daniel.

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