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WATCH: Nev slams 'laughing' Masuaka

13 August 2017 National Sport

Last Updated: 13/08/17 9:07pm

Arthur Masuaku’s marking of Romelu Lukaku was described as “rubbish and pathetic” by Gary Neville

Gary Neville fumed at Arthur Masuaku after he appeared to be laughing with Romelu Lukaku before the striker scored against West Ham.

With both players waiting for a free-kick in the second half, Masuaku looked to be distracted as he talked and laughed while marking Lukaku.

Moments later the ball was swung into the box and Lukaku got ahead of Masuaku to head in Manchester United’s second goa’.

“It was pathetic,” said Neville on . “He is talking so he is distracted and not concentrating and he is the wrong side. He does he laces up or shinpads and then gets caught. It’s rubbish.

“If you are Slaven Bilic and see that later on you are going to be absolutely devastated that one of your defenders does that on a set piece. You should be on your full attention at a set piece, being aggressive and making sure he is not going to get in front of you. It’s terrible.”

Hit play on the video at the top of the page to see the incident.

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