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16 June 2017 National Sport

Last Updated: 16/06/17 3:25pm

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It’s day 17 and the crew continue to put kilometres on the Quinnebago’s clock as they travel from Wellington to Rotorua.

Before the journey starts there’s just time for a quick Test prediction from the neighbour next to them and he’s very confident about the home side’s chances.

Once on the road, the crew take in the sights and SQ decides to test out his best Gollum voice…

As ever there’s always time to stop at a point of interest and on this trip that means a visit to a town that some call the ‘punniest place on Earth’.

The town may have a population of less than two thousand but all take great pride in their name and everything that comes from it!

Finally, there’s just time to catch up with Shane Williams who has swapped four wheels for two.

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