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Muguruza v Williams LIVE!

14 July 2017 National Sport


If it comes down to experience today there is little doubt who has the edge.

Williams has won seven Grand Slam titles and is bidding to become the oldest woman in the Open era to win a major. You’d think, then, that she will know how to deal with the occasion?

“There’s times where maybe you aren’t as relaxed as other moments, but it’s about handling it. I know how to do that a lot better,” she said ahead of her 16th major final. 

“For me it’s just about betting on myself every time. When I look across the net, I don’t think it’s the right mentality to believe in that person more than me.”

“Experience can either work against you or for you. I like to think it’s working for me.”

Muguruza, meanwhile, is into her third major final, all of which have been against a Williams – she lost to Serena at Wimbledon in 2015 and then beat her at the French Open last year.

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