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Mission Mudder on Sky Sports

21 August 2017 National Sport

Last Updated: 01/08/17 7:30pm

Watch the trailer for episode 3 of Mission Mudder and catch the full show at 7pm on Tuesday on Sky Sports Mix

Six young British Olympians face bizarre obstacles featuring heights, confined spaces, ice-cold water, darkness, even electric shocks in miles of mud as they take on Tough Mudder courses in the UK and USA.

When’s the next episode?

  • Episode 3 – Tuesday 1 August at 7pm on SSMix
  • Previous episodes are On Demand

Each course more demanding than the last. All champions in their own sports, boxer Anthony Fowler, Taekwondo double gold Olympian Jade Jones, snowboarder Aimee Fuller, track and field star Perri Shakes-Drayton, track cyclist Jess Varnish and Judoka Ashley McKenzie must merge as a team and train together to tackle a sport outside of all their comfort zones.

Mission Mudder explained

Asking them to confront fears, help one another, embrace the mud and face their final gruelling challenge: Europe’s first race – as many miles as they can of a course laden with obstacles, for eight hours through the night, all to raise money for their nominated charities.

Episode 1 – On Demand now

Miles of mud, skips full of ice-cold water, a walkway laden with electric shocks – all features of the demanding world of obstacle course events. Six young British Olympians must merge as a team to learn how to best tackle challenging Tough Mudder obstacle courses. As they meet to train for the first time, their first group exercise tests their nerves, their characters and their approach to the all-important teamwork.

Mission Mudder Ep 1 trailer – available On Demand

Episode 2 – On Demand now

The time has come for their first Tough Mudder challenge. Members of the Mission Mudder team train in the USA and commit to a Tough Mudder Half in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, in California. Five miles, fourteen demanding obstacles, testing the young British Olympians in brand new ways.

Episode 2 trailer – available On Demand

Episode 3 – Tuesday 1 August at 7pm

The six young British Olympians tell the stories of their road to glory in their own areas of expertise, their motivations and routes to becoming elite athletes in the fields of Judo, boxing, snowboarding, track cycling, track & field athletics and Taekwondo. As they take on one another’s sports in training for their next Tough Mudder obstacle course.

Watch Aimee Fuller get in some sparring with Commonwealth Gold Medal winner Anthony Fowler

Episode 4 – Tuesday 8 August

It’s time to embrace the mud at a UK Tough Mudder Full. The team of six young British Olympians are reunited to take on their most difficult challenge yet – 10 miles with 24 bizarre obstacles including the ones the athletes are dreading the most: Arctic Enema and Electro Shock Therapy.

Episode 5 – Tuesday 15 August

Training for the six young British Olympians is reaching an end. Soon, Jess Varnish, Anthony Fowler, Jade Jones, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Ashley McKenzie and Aimee Fuller must put all they have learnt as a team to the test on their most challenging obstacle course: Europe’s first Toughest Mudder, a gruelling 8 hours through the night. The athletes reveal the charities they are running for and the personal reasons for their choice.

Episode 6 – Tuesday 22 August at 1900

Mud, sweat and darkness. The six young British Olympians: Judoka Ashley McKenzie, track cyclist Jess Varnish, track & field athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton, Taekwondo champion Jade Jones, boxer Anthony Fowler and snowboarder Aimee Fuller now face their final challenge: Europe’s first Toughest Mudder. Their task is to complete as many laps as they can of a gruelling 5-mile circuit, between midnight and 8am with up to 20 obstacles on each lap, in aid of their nominated charities.

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