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Man and children survive 'astonishing' crash

18 June 2017 National News

A man and two children, aged five and six, have had an incredible escape after their car shot off a flyover and plunged into the road below.

Pictures of the accident on Saturday evening show a silver Lexus lying on its side on the road with its bonnet smashed.

Glass and other debris was strewn across the tarmac.

Image: An ambulance and a hazardous area response team were sent to the scene

West Midlands Ambulance Service, which took the pictures, said the three people in the car had an “almost miraculous escape”.

The car is believed to have mounted the pavement before smashing through the barrier on an island above Hagley Road West in Quinton, Birmingham.


Image: Paramedics said it is ‘astonishing’ they were not seriously injured given the drop from the flyover

The ambulance service tweeted: “Considering the drop, it is astonishing that the occupants weren’t more seriously hurt.”

The children were taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for treatment.


Image: All three were taken to hospital but their injuries are not said to be life-threatening

Meanwhile, the man was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the city.

Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening or life-changing.

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